Monday, July 18, 2011

Web Detox

On of the strangest side effects during my stay in New Jersey is the loss of my Internet appetite. During my career interregnum I spent quite a lot of time on line. I was looking for jobs, fucking around with fantasy teams and checking out new music. In addition to that regular stuff I spent an inordinate amount of time reading blogs to keep fully up to date on what was happening in the ever changing worlds of movies, music, sports and hot women.

Now that I'm in the hotel five nights a week with no lap top I've found that I can quit most of the habit with no withdrawal at all. I still check my email and look at FaceBook once a day and god willing we'll have a football season soon so I can get started on fantasy for the year. But all the other stuff sort of just fell away. And once it did a funny thing happened: Nothing. My life didn't become any less fulfilling or anything. I haven't once been embarrassed in a situation where someone was shocked to know that I hadn't heard about the latest on line gossip.

So not only did I get a new job out of this deal, but going to Jersey for two months has also cured me off the wild turkey.

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