Friday, July 29, 2011

Song Spotlight: Missy Higgins - If I'm Honest

I was really excited to hear that Missy Higgins was down in Nashville working with Butterfly Boucher on a new record. Well, that work has now apparently all paid off and the new record should be out late this year or early in '12. Her last disc came out in '07 so the wait has been substantial.

But I ain't mad at her.

Missy headlined the Australia Rocks the Pier concert at Santa Monica pier a few weeks back and she graced the crowd with four new tracks. I hadn't herd Deep Red Dirt, Tricks or Cooling of the Embers yet so I'm still digesting them. But I had herd If I'm Honest when she performed it at Lilith Fair so this rendition was more familiar to me. Skip ahead to 3:03 to get to the start of the song. Enjoy:

Darling, if I’m honest
you’ve been on my mind
On my mind all day.
And lately, if I’m honest
I can’t bring my self
To think no other way

I’ve been finding all kinds of reckless ways
To forget your face.
Like going out on the town
Throwing around all that love I kept for you

But no one touches me like you used to
It’s a shame but it’s true
Nobody loves me the way that you used to

And darling
I’ve been moving
through seas of faces
hoping to meet your stare
And dancing
towards any stranger
with your crazy eyes
or way with golden hair

I’ve been trying of all kinds useless ways just to push it all down
Like spinning around, spinning around till I fall on to the ground
But no one touches me like you used to
It’s a shame but it’s true
No body loves me the way that you used to

So I painted over all the cracks
But now the paint is pealing back.
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah, Yeah

It’s a shame but true…

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