Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Review: The New Pooh Movie

If you've been paying attention to my posts here on Greazy's blog then you know I can't stand Pooh. He's a total airhead, a bad representative for our kind and a poor loser when it comes to women and cards. But, what's true in the human world is true in the teddy bear world too. Sometimes the best and brightest (like me) get left behind to suffer anonymity while the worst and dimmest (like Pooh) are thrusts into the public eye and held up as something to celibate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pooh is to the teddy bear world what Paris Hilton is to the human world.

And time and time again these bimbos get rewarded. Pooh gets another movie, Paris gets paid to open some club in Vegas and people just sit back and let it happen. Wake up people! We can't sit back while the pretty and the dumb rule our world. I'm calling on all humans to boycott this pile of shit and put Pooh in his place. Likewise, we should boycott anything staring a tart who made her name by fucking someone on camera and leaking the tape to the public to gain their fame.

Are you with me?

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