Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Away From Home

Since I'm spending so much damn time here at the Double Tree in Marlton NJ I thought I should give a little tour of my home away from home. It's a nice hotel and as welcoming as any place that you have to spend two months away from home it. The only thing missing is Inky...

...and a computer for the desk in the living room/office. I get pretty tired of walking down to the "business center" which consists of two computers and two printers.

It's nice to spend some time on the couch watching the TV after work. In a regular hotel when I traveled on business in past jobs you get the bed and maybe a chair. And even if you get a couch it's normally in the same room as the bed. The separate rooms allows for a sense of normalcy in that when I'd done watching TV at night I can "go to bed" in a whole other room.

The refrigerator is also a nice touch. I go shopping at the local Wegmans each Sunday night to get everything I'm going to need for breakfast for the week. That way I can have some OJ, a granola bar and some Greek yogurt in the morning while I sit on my couch and watch Sports Center.

The sink area is also quasi-separate from the living room and bedroom which allows a lot of room to get ready in the morning or to clean up after my trips to the hotel gym.

While this bed can't possibly live up to the high standard set by the Captain it's been getting the job done. The biggest downside to 40 nights in a hotel is I seem to be falling back into bad sleeping habits. Namely: sleeping on my back which causes me to snore. Inky did a great job of breaking me of that over the 15 years we've been together and now I'm regressing.

Lastly, it's nice to have a second TV in the place so when I want to lay in bed and watch TV I can. Then I can just turn the light out and fall asleep. Inky and I used to have a TV in the bedroom but we never used it. We'd always just rather talk to one another before falling asleep. I can't wait for that to be full time again.

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