Sunday, July 03, 2011

Another Weekend Behind Me

Time just keeps on marching on. I was so excited to get home to Inky on Friday afternoon but now it's Sunday night and I'll be heading back to Jersey tomorrow. This week I had the benefit of the holiday to give me more time at home but next week I'll have just about 48 hours at home.

This is going to take some getting used to. I doubt I'll actually become accustomed to it, but if I did I'm sure it would be right around the 7th week of my 8 weeks away. That's how these things normally work. I really don't know how my old man did this for almost a whole year when I was a kid. He worked Monday through Friday out of Headquarters in DC and came back to see us in Jersey on the weekends.

I have it light compared to him, so I guess I should keep my complaining to a minimum. Especially since all this time away is for a new job that I needed badly.

So I'll transition into talking about my most recent attempt to better my minesweeper score. It didn't go very well, but then again, I'm not spending a ton of time on the computer while I'm home. I was listening to the new Death Cab record while I played this 92 second game, and all in all, it's about as good as I could hope to do these days.

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