Thursday, June 30, 2011

While Greazy's Away

The stuffed panda will play. Sure, Inky is around but she is so busy working on her next novella that she hasn't noticed that I've been running amok for the past few days. Yesterday when she was downstairs clacking away on her laptop I was hosting a high steaks poker game up in Greazy's home office. The really nice thing about being less than a foot tall (other than all the free upskirt action I get) is being able to host a lot of my friends in a very small room.

During the poker game things got kind of out of hand and before I knew what was happening Whitey, a polar bear friend of mine, had caught Silky, one of Inky's friends, cheating. Whitey confronted Silky and the next thing I knew the knives were out.

There's nothing more scary to a stuffed animal than a knife, believe you me. So they go back and forth with the threats and taunts and the next thing you know Silky had cut Whitey's fucking head off. There was stuffing everywhere and we had to call in the wolf to clean things up. Not Harvey Keitel's character from Pulp Fiction, an actual stuffed wolf who's really good at covering up that kind of shit up.

Inky was still down stairs typing way when we got that taken care of, but then I got a bit of a booty call from this little stuffed bunny that lives up the street. She's got this total Toy Story 3 thing going on with the chick she grew up with, you know how it goes: best friends for years and years and now she's old enough to drive and the stuffed bunny gets no attention.

Well I fixed that!

As much as I miss Greazy I have to say that not having him around has been great for my social life. He can be a real where my cock would be if I had one block sometimes. He'll be back tomorrow night, so I guess I'll have to cool out a bit for the weekend, but come Monday night it's Stuffed Animal House!


Heidi Champa said...

Now that I know what you're up to, your days are numbered. Unless you want to cut me in on some of that poker money. If the price is right, I'll keep looking the other way. Otherwise, I may have to tell you bunny friend about your last visit to the free clinic.

Teddy said...

I've been tested and I'm pretty much clean. I wouldn't have to bring those skanks around if you and Greazy would spring for some cosmetic surgery so I could find a lady. Or at the very least you guys could buy me a partner out of the Gund catalog.