Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Away From Home

In my past jobs I've been required to travel from time to time and sometimes extensively. So I've gotten used to the occasional business hotel stay, which for me means two things. Number one, I'm not on vacation even if a ton of other people there are. So while they are making merry by the pool or yucking it up at the bar, i'm thinking about the task at hand. The second thing a business hotel stay means for me is no Inky.

Not to get too mushy on you but, this it by far the hardest part for me. In the past these jaunts always came to an end rather quickly, however, so it didn't bother me too much. After two or three nights on the road, I'd be home to the lady I love. In rare cases like trips to Seattle and Nashville it was more like a four or five days, which seemed like an eternity.

Now, I'm faced with that eight times over. My new job requires that I spend 39 of the next 55 nights out of town, which is I find daunting. That's a whole lot of time away from Inky, Bedford, Teddy and all the other trappings of our lair. It's also a lot of meals to be eating out, which could really wreck all the good work I've done losing weight. Lucky for me this place has a pretty nice gym.

All in all I'm trying to see this as a net positive, even though the loss of time with Inky can't really be overcome by anything. I'm happy to have a new job, and excited about what that can mean for our future. I just wish there was some way I could train closer to home and closer to Inky.

Maybe one of these weeks I'll have to kidnap her and bring her along...

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