Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aussie Slang: Flat-Track Bully

As Inky and I have immersed ourselves in Aussie culture over the years we've picked up quite a bit of the language. Sure they speak English, but so do people in Birmingham Alabama and England and I can assure you that it sounds like a totally different language. It's not all accent either, although that can play a huge part in understanding well. What really gets you bogged down in trying to understand another English speaking country's pop culture is lingo and slang.

In Oz and the UK alike they love to use rhyming slang which is all but impossible to pick up with out some help. Another main source of slang is sports, which isn't all that different to us Americans. You can hit a home run in business or go to jail after your third strike and so on. Likewise, in some of the Dominion countries cricket slang has crossed over into everyday life. And that is where today's slang term comes from.

Flat-Track Bully (f-lat tr-ack bul-ly) Noun. 1) One who dominates inferior competition but cannot beat top-level opponents, usually in the realm of sports.

I first started hearing this term used during Aussie Rules games, and most recently it has been hurled at Geelong's James Podsiadly. The J-Pod seemed to kick a lot of goals in games that the Cats played at home and won easily but sometimes went missing in big games against top level competition. As a Geelong fan, I vehemently deny these claims and throw them right back at Nick Riewoldt, but that's not what this post is about.

How great is the this saying? At first blush it appears very simple, but when you take a second to think about it and play a scenario out in your head it is wonderfully descriptive. I'm sure everyone knows more than a few people either at work or in their personal lives that embody this saying. I can think of four or five who are currently running for the Republican nomination right now. If you've ever wondered what the un-tough did when the going got tough they just might have turned in to flat-track bullies.

I intend to upload this term into my own personal slang-waggon as of this moment and I suggest you do the same.

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