Saturday, May 21, 2011

They Have Risen!

Just a few days ago I did a post about losing the pair of sunglasses I bought in Sydney back in '05. Well, today I rolled back the stone and found that they had risen! I like to think of it as sunglasses Easter.

I was taking some household junk up to the dumpster that our community provides once a year when I found them. I had been driving our second car the weekend they went missing and although Inky and I had both looked in it, we failed to look between the passenger side seat and door. I guess I had put them on the seat while driving and when I took a bitchin' left hand turn at some point they must have tumbled over the side and lodged themselves there.

Now, the are back where they belong: on my face or upside down on my hat. I'd love to say I prayed to St. Anthony to get them back like we used to do when I was a kid, but the truth is I just caught sight of them as I reached along the back seat to get an old boom box I was throwing in the dumpster. Either way it's nice to have them back.

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