Sunday, May 08, 2011

Swan Song?

I just didn't have it this week. I played a few games early in the week and got some absolutely awful returns. My poor performance may stem from the fact that my wait is finally over and it looks like I'm going back to work next week. That should make me excited right? Well it would if I had managed to find a job making what I once made doing what I once did, but alas that is not the case.

I'll be working six days a week for a lot less money than my resume dictates I should make and all the while I'll be doing something I out and out hate. So, even thought I'm happy that I won't have to sell bodily fluids to pay the mortgage, I'm still a bit down and out this week. And it showed in my minsweeping.

I tried to recapture the magic of listing to the Geelong pre-game show in KRock while I played late Friday night, but the best I could return was this 90 second game. If you look at the picture below, it's almost like Kate Upton is saying: "That's the best you can do? 90 seconds? Doesn't my amazing chest do anything for you?"

I'm sorry I let you down Kate, I'll try harder next week. After that, who's to say what will become of my minesweep time trials. Working between 45 and 65 hours a week will mean a lot less computer time to be sure. So, that might bring the minsweeping, let alone the blogging to a halt.

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