Friday, May 06, 2011

Ron Paul is Right. Wait... What?

One of the amazing things about our modern political discourse is the last of people practicing what they preach. So many conservatives talk about how they don't want government to meddle in the private lives of citizens, and yet they want government to legislate morality all over the place. No prostitution. No drugs. No marriages if they think it's icky. It is a total inconsistency between action and message and the fact that they are not called on it more often is maddening.

In to that breach step Ron Paul, who is a guy who walks it like he talks it. He also has no chance of winning the Republican nomination because he actually follows the message of conservatism to most of it's logical conclusions. That is, he doesn't opt out of what makes sense to him based on the interpretation of a thousands of years old book of questionable origin.

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