Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RIP: Aussie Sunglasses 05/01/05-05/07/11

I don't know why, but I've always had a real problem when it comes to sunglasses. I would always forget to take them on trips, causing me to have to buy a pair in places like the Caribbean, Las Vegas or Australia. But as fast as I was forced to buy a new pair, I would just as quickly lose them by leaving them on the table at a restaurant or in a rental car as I did with the ones I got in Nassau and Vegas.

But all that seemed to turn around in early May of 2005. Having once again forgotten to bring a pair of sunglasses with me, I bought the pair you see in the above picture at the Harbourside Shopping Centre in Sydney's Cockle Bay Wharf. Even when I bought them I was sure I would end up losing them, probably even before the trip was over. It turns out that was the best twenty bucks I would ever spend on sunglasses.

Not only did those glasses make it through our first trip to Oz in '05 but they also made a triumphant return trip home in '08. They also went to Vegas, New York City, Virgina Beach, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Nashville, Niagara Falls and on a bunch of trips to Maine. Not to mention that I wore them all the time on regular days that included trips to and from work, and all around the area.

In short: six years is a long ass time for me to own a pair of sunglasses. They shaded my eyes as I looked upon sights both amazing and banal, but all good things must come to an end. Sadly, my six years with my Aussie glasses was no different. Some time during my daily errands on May 7th I mislaid them, and now they are gone forever.

I guess I shouldn't be too down about this, since it did take about twelve times longer for me to lose these than usual. Plus, on the up side, losing them means that I have to replace them with a like pair. And as we all know it's lovely in Sydney this time of year.

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