Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Renaissance for "The Bad Kind"

Anyone with a computer, eyes or ears will know all about the new Lonely Island song "3 Way (The Golden Rule)" which premiered on SNL last week. In addition to being incredibly funny it also shines a light on an issue that doesn't get enough attention these days, namely: The Bad Kind.

Just what is the bad kind? I'm glad you asked. In the realm of the menage-a-trois there are two sides to every coin: the good kind and the bad kind. The good kind is two girls and one guy meaning that the bad kind is two guys on one girl as portrayed by Justin, Andy and Gaga. In our heavily homophobic/overly macho society it's usual to hear guys saying they would never take part in the bad kind.

Lost in this whole thing is the fact that most of the guys taking about this shit (myself included) couldn't ever hope to get in to a menage neither good nor bad kind. But it is all part of this crazy society we live in where it's totally hetero to shower with 45 other naked guys as long as you just finished playing football together but if you and another guy are both having sex with the same girl then you are somehow both gay.

I never understood it, but I'm glad to see this short video explain that "it's ok, when it's in a three way." Recently this topic also popped up on Richard Grieco's new Showtime show "Gigilos" which, by the way, is a gift to all humankind. Since there are many guys out there who want to have the bad kind with their wife and another guy, but don't want all the strings of finding someone, a lot of these couples hire a gigilo.

In a shocking lack of attention to the maxim "the customer is always right" these man-whores are careful to lay down all sorts of rules about how the guy can stay and watch but there can be no man on man touching. We get it Brace, you're totally straight (even if you do really seem to love getting colonics) but why not give the lady what she's paying for?

Let's hope that the good public service performed by Justin, Andy and Gaga will remove some of the stigma from the bad kind.

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