Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Not as Bad as I Wanted it to be

Sometimes you watch a movie and you are surprised that it is much better than you expected. More often than not, however, you watch a movie and it is way worse than you expected. Inky and I had an interesting experience last night when we watched "Burlesque". It wasn't wasn't either better or worse than we expected. It was really bad, but not as bad as I was hoping for.

When I put "Burlesque" in our Netflix queue I was hoping for and epically bad movie along the lines of "Showgirls" or "Center Stage". I was hoping for unintentionally funny dialog and overwrought acting. I was hoping for totally unnecessary close ups of the rock hard bodies of dancers. But I was left unfulfilled by Christina Aguilera and the cast, writers and producers of "Burlesque".

In the end all it was was an awfully bad movie, not a movie that's so bad it's great like "Evil Dead" or "Bring it On". I don't know what's worse: going into a movie hoping that it is going to be good only to be let down, or going into a movie hoping for it to be bad in a good way and then it turns out to just be bad. It's sad when a movie fails to live down to your expectations.

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