Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bird Watchin'

To say I've had a lot of free time over the last 691 days is a massive understatement. My career interregnum has led me to places that I've both loved and loathed. It's always that way when you have a ton of time to think, but not a ton of money to do. Even with all that said, I never thought I'd find myself staring out the window at birds.

Just like an old man.

I am about to turn 35, but that's not old enough to be a bird watcher, in my mind at least. But the other day as I was making my lunch I noticed this fat little baby bird just standing on the railing of my deck. He was just sitting there looking skyward all throughout my tuna making process.

Just as I was finishing my lunch prep, I saw that my little friend was also waiting to get his grub on... or worm. His mama flew in with a worm in her beak and fed it to him. As moments in nature go it was on the low end of the awesomeness scale, but I still found it cool to witness. Long after I had packed away my meal lil Bird was still out there waiting for seconds on his. In fact he stood out there for almost two hours.

I peeked out at him from time to time, and ended up snapping this picture from the upstairs window because, well... I had the time. I'm not really the bird watching type, but it was kind of cool to see him just sitting there probably a little to young to fly and get his own eats.

Not to sound too much like a tree hugger, but it was a bit of free entertainment provided by mother nature.

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