Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where Are My Bell Bottoms? Cause I'm in the 70's

Even when I set my sights on playing a game of minesweeper in fewer than 80 seconds I didn't think it was really possible. Everything has to go just right to get a game in the mid 80's so you really have to get a good draw to break the 80 barrier. Never the less, that's what happened to me earlier this week.

It was late on Tuesday night and I was sitting by the computer listening to the pregame coverage of the Geelong Cats game vs Hawthorne. Since the bastards at ESPN3 didn't make this game available in video form on line, I had to settle for the radio broadcast on K-Rock out of Geelong. And since there was nothing for me to see, I decided to play a little minesweeper while I listened.

So, I set another Kate Upton pic as my backdrop and I started clicking away. I played a few good games, including one at 88 seconds, but since I was listing to the pregame I wasn't paying full attention. Then I got a really good start on a game and decided to tune Cam Mooney out for a second while I tried for a personal best score. The result is this 79 which represents the best I ever did in either minesweeper or solitaire. Plus, the Cats won, so it was good news all around.

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