Thursday, April 07, 2011

Small Bear in a Big City

As part of Greazy's ongoing "What we missed on the blog from 2010" series I thought I'd recount one of my best days of last year. Inky had a reading to do in New York and so she and Greazy were planning to spend the day in the city. After I begged and begged Greazy finally agreed to bring me along, which he hasn't done for a long time. I missed out on both of their trips to Oz and countless other business and personal trips over the last few years. So I wasn't taking this opportunity lightly, since it might be the last time I get out for a while.

We started the day off at Arthur's Tavern, which as Greazy said last week is one of his favorite places in Hoboken NJ. After riding the PATH train to the City we walked around a few stores and then got a milkshake at Shake Shack on 8th, across from the Flat Iron Building. Then we did some walking around the Lower East Side before stopping into Teany on Rivington St for some pre-reading Tea to sooth the vocal chords.

Not that Inky needed it by any stretch. She rocked her reading at Happy Endings on Broome and Greazy and I were both so proud of her. To celebrate another successful outing by Inky, we had dinner at Katz's which has always been a favorite destination in our family even before "When Harry Met Sally."

At that point it was late so we jumped the PATH back to the Boken and made our way home. It was nice to be in the city again after so many years away. Back in the 80's when Greazy was really young I used to hitch hike in his dad's briefcase to his office on Church Street down in the financial district. I had a nickle a day coke habit back then, and I spent more than my fair share of time down in Chinatown finding company in the soulless eyes of some of the stuffed ho's that were around in those days.

Then, thanks to some intervention from some of my friends (r.i.p. Racky) I got clean. When Greazy hit his mid to late teens and started sneaking into the city to get drunk with his buddies I always stayed behind. I knew he ultimately wouldn't find what he was looking during those crazy booze filled NYC nights. But, I also knew that I couldn't tell him that. He had to find it out for himself.

It's nice that all these years later we can both head back into the city that never sleeps and enjoy it for what it is and not face those old demons.

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