Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Call Me REO Speedwagon...

...because I'm rocking in the early 80's. Next up: the 70's? Who knows. All I know for sure is that I spent a little time mine sweeping on a rainy Saturday and I ended up with another career best time. Sure, it's only one second better than my previous high water mark, but the important thing is that it's forward movement.

As I said last week I decided to ditch Kelly Brook for a bit as my background inspiration. So I opted for the lovely Elle Basey as my background for Saturday's games and she brought me a great result. I also have to tip my cap to Paul Kelly for having so many amazing songs. I was rolling through my Paul Kelly playlist on iTunes while playing and he always keeps the great tunes coming.

Now that I have a faster time in minesweeper than I ever had in solitaire I don't know where to go from here. I'll keep at it for a while while I hope to play that mythical one minute game, but I may be tapped out.

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