Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chef Greazy Recommends: Tuna Wrap

Last week I blogged about my weight loss odyssey which has been a two pronged assault. By getting my ass to the gym at least six days a week and cutting back on what I eat I've been able to get myself to a point where I feel pretty fit. I'm not done losing weight, but I don't feel as awful as I once did.

A big change for me has come at lunch time. At most of the jobs I have had since college I have gone out for lunch just about every day. The average calorie count on those meals with soda included must have been well into the four figure territory. It's no wonder I packed on the pounds. Then, when my career interregnum started I was eating some pretty crappy stuff at lunch, and while I was paying less to eat it at home, I was still racking up the calories.

Now, I'm really trying to cut back on the over all calories I eat and also trying to make them count more. One thing I've added to my lunch time repertoire is a really great tuna wrap. I make it using Chobani plain 2% greek yogurt in the place of the mayo which really cuts down on the fat. I mix one can of tuna with the whole container of yogurt and three ribs of celery, chopped. That mixture adds up to 290 calories but I get three meals out of it with each coming in at less than 100. I eat it on a wrap that is normally about 100 to 150 calories and I stuff it with baby spinach which adds on another 20 or so calories.

If you need a bit more flavor than the yogurt provides you can add a tablespoon of mayo to the wrap before putting the ingredients together. I don't always do this but when I do I opt for the canola mayo which ads another 45 calories. All told this wrap will end up at between 275 and 300 calories which when paired with a piece of fresh fruit and a very small serving of chips will provide a satisfying lunch.

Bon appetit.

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