Sunday, April 03, 2011

Back to Eighty Two Seconds

The lowest time I ever posted in a game of Solitaire was 82 seconds nearly two years ago. Since then I've changed games... and hands. I've gone from a right handed solitaire player to a left handed minesweeper. The journey to 82 seconds on my left paw has been faster than my solitaire success. Likewise, I think I can actually do better than 82 seconds on minesweeper; perhaps I'll even play a sub-minute round one day if all the pieces come together correctly.

For this round I opted for an Australian playlist on iTunes. The song that was on while I played the record setting game was Ella Hooper and Troy Cassar-Daly's cover of "Islands in the Stream" which always puts a smile on my face and a tap in my foot. The background, of course, was provided by the lovely (and newly announced expectant mother) Kelly Brook. With the help of Kelly and good tunes all frivolous things are possible. Maybe I should tell the 2-0 Baltimore Orioles to hang pictures of Kelly all over the clubhouse and play INXS before Monday's home opener. XL and I will be there and we'd sure love to see a win...

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