Monday, March 28, 2011

Where Do I See Myself in Five Years? That's Simple:

I have yet another job interview later today and I'm sure it will be full of all of the same questions: "What is your greatest strength?" "What is your greatest weakness" and the ever popular "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I have stock answers for each of those questions, none of which are the real answers. The real ones go some thing like this "I can talk to anyone anywhere about anything" "I would always rather enjoy my life my way rather than work" and "Geelong".

The fetching photo you see above is of Corio Bay which laps lightly at the shores of Geelong, Victoria in beautiful Australia. That is where I see myself in 5 years, and it has been since Inky and I first drove through there more than 6 years ago. I know the interview question is supposed to suss out how much drive you have in propelling yourself down your career path, but for me the career is secondary to the location. I'd happily do just about any job that would keep the bills paid, food in the cupboard and perhaps leave a few extra bucks for Cats games at Skilled Stadium every now and again.

I know that the way I feel is quite un-American, and maybe that's why my dream doesn't really involve the US. I've been sick of the very idea of the rat race for a long time, let along the practice of it. I don't want to ladder climb, social climb or listen to Miley Cyrus sing "The Climb" which are all shitty options in their own way. No, what I want is to have my little task to do every day and to do it to the very best of my ability. It's not that I'm lazy. Far from it. I love working hard at a specified task and I love excelling at it even more so. If that task makes someone else's life a little better than that's just a great cherry on top. What I don't want from a job is to have to play politics or try and make someone, be it client or coworker, do something they don't want/need to do.

I don't know if such a job exists any longer.

So perhaps I have to change the question to: "Where don't you see yourself in five years?" to which I have some more specific answers. I don't want to be living in this house, or any house for that matter. I'll be quite happy to just call the super when something goes wrong from now on thank you very much. I don't want to be living to work, which is sadly the pass time of far too many an American. I don't want to be pulling the wool over a customer's eyes in order to make the company/boss richer. I don't want to be a few months away from my 40th birthday, but there's nothing I can do about that one. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I don't want to be anywhere unless Inky is there with me.

I don't think this is too much to ask. We'll see.

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