Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well I'll Be Damned

This may come as a staggering shock to anyone who reads my blog, but I have quite robust collection of porn. I'd like to think of myself as a porn aficionado, but I'd also like to think of myself as employed while I'm at it and thinking hasn't got my anywhere in either case. At any rate, I've got heaps and heaps of porn, some of it that is now old enough to actually BE IN porn. My oldest one is from 1990, which is either impressive, sad or a combination of both.

So I was flipping through one of my older vintages, a High Society from mid '01, when I came across the "Amateur Auditions section". That's when I saw... what? No! Not literally came across. Sicko. Where was I? Oh yeah, Amateur Auditions. The first woman featured in the "send us your photos and we'll send you cash" section was 19 year old Katie (see we ll edited photo above) from Phoenix Arizona. As it turns out, she is Katie Morgan, who after going into and retiring from a porn career has moved on to hosting shows on HBO doing a radio program and large role in Kevin Smith's movie "Zach and Miri Make a Porno".

I'm not surprised that just before she embarked on a career that involved taking her clothes off on camera that she sent in naked pictures to High Society. What does surprise me is what this revelation, now ten years later, tells me about some of my guesses about this very common section of many skin mags. Like, for instance, that either the publishers or the submitter herself change the ages downward. Katie is listed at 19 years old in '01, but she was born in '80 so she was either 20 or 21 when the pictures were taken.

That confirms one thing I always thought, but I do have to admit that I was surprised that she was listed with the name Katie. I always thought that along with their ages the names, and occupations were changed too. In fact I was sure of it, and now, along comes this example to prove to me that I was mistaken.

It just goes to show you that there is much to be learned from porn.

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