Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quick Trip to the Big Apple

Inky and I made our way into the city that never sleeps yesterday to see a live taping of The Daily Show. I was on FaceBook one day when they posted that there were tickets available and I jumped on it right away. It's a good thing I did too, because about ten minutes later they were all gone.

We've both always wanted to see a taping of either Jon or Stephen Colbert's show and my career interregnum provided the best opportunity to do it, albeit on the cheep. To that end, we started the trip off with a classic NYC dirt cheep lunch. After parking in Hoboken and taking the PATH over to 9th St. in the West Village we stopped into the Grey's Papaya location at 6th and 8th for the Recession Special. For $4.45 you get two dogs anyway and a drink the perfect NYC lunch, done fast, cheep and standing up. Since we paid so little for lunch and since we had tons of time to kill before the show started we made our way down to the Lower East Side to have a little desert.

We went to The Doughnut Plant so I could satiated my long held desire for one of their peanut butter and jelly doughnuts. It is a square blackberry-filled doughnut that is covered in peanut butter glaze and sprinkled with roasted peanuts. Or more succinctly: it is fifteen bites of heaven. Once I had fully recovered from the religious experience that was the PB&J doughnut we hopped a subway ride up town to Central Park for a bit of a walk about. Sadly, while the sun was quite warm the air temp never popped above the 50 degree mark so it wasn't ideal for a more complete probe of the park. So, after stopping of at The very posh "Shops at Columbus Circle" to use their positively un-posh restrooms we headed west.

We thought we would buzz by the Daily Show studios to see if anyone was crazy enough to get in line two full hours before they said you needed to be. Sadly, more than a hundred and fifty people were just that crazy and that meant that we had to cut our wandering short and join them in the line. We met a trio of very nice city folk who had cut their work day short to see the show and the conversation passed a bit of the time. After tackling the President's Libya speech in the first two blocks of the show Jon welcomed his guest Dr. Miguel Nicolelis who is doing some amazing work. The Duke University prof is working on decoding the electrical impulses of the brain with a goal of outfitting quadriplegics with a suit that will respond to their thoughts and enable them to walk again. It makes me happy to know that there are people like Dr. Nicolelis in the world.

Following the show we headed back to Hoboken where we had dinner at one of my old man's favorite places: Arthur's Tavern. When I was just a lil greazy I used to marvel at the huge steaks they sold there, and when I got older I even downed one of their gargantuan 49 oz "Double" steaks a few times. Those days are long past me, and so Inky and I just got burgers which are always amazing there. All in all it was a great way to spent a Tuesday. I hate that I have all this free time during the week in the place of a job. I guess as long as I do I may as well have a day like this from time to time to keep me sane. _______________________________

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