Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Footy is Coming, The Footy is Coming!

Mom always said don't play ball in the White House. This photo is President Obama kicking an Australian rules football with Aussie PM Julia Gillard during her visit to Washington the other day. For all the wonderful things Australia has given us, I enjoy footy the most. I really believe that with the right exposure it could become pretty popular in the US, especially with the sect of the population who watch other world sports like soccer.

Unlike soccer, it is eminently watchable with fast paced action, lots of scoring and hard hits. It's like the best parts of basketball, hockey and football rolled into one game. Sadly, ESPN bought the US TV rights so they could get their hands on the English Premier League and then promptly burred footy on their on-line only network. So, Inky and I are forced to sit in front of our computers to see our Cats try and rebuild from losing their best player, perhaps ever, and their coach during the past off season. Just two weeks till they play their first game and I'll be there, by which I mean right here in front of the computer.

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