Monday, March 14, 2011

Double Digits Here I Come

When I started my quest for solitaire greatness it took me a while to get my time down into the double digits, but I don't think the same will be true in my new quest. I've already managed to whittle my minesweeper time down to 106 seconds so just like was true in 1989: the 90's are right around the corner.

I never like minesweeper before my career interregnum. My mom plays it a lot, or at least she used to before she had some problems with her eyes. Getting older sucks, especially when there's so much good stuff on TV, in books and on the computer. I've taken to minesweeper to the point where I hardly ever play solitaire any longer. I'll pop a playlist on iTunes and warm up with a beginner game and then go after the intermediate level till I hit a new best time. Once that's in the bag, I move on to expert and try to do the same there. I think it's a process some might call "workmanlike" but I just call it being me with a whole lot of time on my hands.

A special thanks to the muse of my wallpaper Ms. Kelly Brook for providing a splendid backdrop to my game playing endeavors.

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