Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures in Unemployment: The Job Fair

Looking for work is just about the worst thing in the world. And that's when you already have a job. It's about a million times worse when staring down the barrel of the gun that is the end of your UC benefits. I often equate the process with dating, even though I have more experience interview for jobs then dating since I started dating my wife when I was 20. But when you look at a first interview being more like a first date and the worry of coming off too desperate to the other party you can see how the two are alike.

If that is the case then I partook in the job search version of speed dating today: the job fair. This particular carnival of potential employment took place at my alma mater. It was advertised as being for both alumni and current students but I found myself to be a man among bros. Most of the employers on hand had a lot of entry level jobs and internships to offer, which should have been a bad thing considering I've been out of school for 13 years. However, when your career interregnum has lasted as long as mine has you start looking for any opportunity to just get a pay check.

So, I found myself talking to employers about jobs that would pay me closer to what I made when I was 25 rather than what I would have expected to make at 35. Que sera sera, you know? It is rather daunting to be on diametrically opposed sides to the college job fair experience. Back in 1998 I went to one of these things when I was 21 and a few months away from graduation. At that time I found that I was constantly worried that they wouldn't take me when they could have a person with actual experience under their belt, even if it meant that they would make a few more bucks than I would get.

Now, I find myself applying for jobs knowing that the 21 year old bros and hoes (most of whom couldn't even bother to put on business dress for the event) will be able to take less than me and as such will be considered before me. I'm trying to keep positive through this whole thing, and I know all I need is a bit of luck or to be in the right place at the right time. In the meantime I've been practicing saying "would you like fries with that" just to be safe.

We shall see.

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