Monday, December 07, 2009

Not Good Enough For Tiger, But Fine For Me

The whole world has been paying attention to the Tiger Woods drama over the last 10 days, and I am no different. Unlike a lot of guys who are sports fans, I have nothing to say in defence of Woods who could have just taken the Jeter approach to life if all he wanted was to be knee deep in strange for the rest of his life. Instead he opted for marriage and then proceeded to run up a list of other women that would embarrass a "family first" republican member of congress.

So I decided to use the future ex Mrs. Woods as my motivation for my new solitaire quest. I'm still playing left handed and I'm getting consistently better. With Ilan on the desk top and with my Best Songs of '09 play list bumping I put up this 6683 in 116 seconds. That is a whole 34 seconds slower than my fastest right handed game, but I'm out to be the Eddie Murray of solitaire... just as dangerous from the left as from the right.

Speaking of dangerous, I think Tiger has found out all about that "like a woman scorned" thing and has a lot of work to do to get out of this particular bunker. Once again, I can't feel sorry for the guy. When you've got everything in the world worth having, don't sleep with a chick from every bar, club and Perkins in the country.

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