Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lucky Number 13

It has been a pretty rough year for Inky and I, and we would be well within our rights to be nothing but angry and disenfranchised these days. But with all that has gone wrong over the last few months, I could still walk down the street whistling a happy tune today, if it weren't snowing that is. Ironically, the fact that it is snowing just makes me happier today, because today is our 13th anniversary. As I point out every year, it's not our wedding anniversary, which is also a big day for me, but the anniversary of our first date.

It snowed that day too, but at the end of the day, not at the beginning. That day started off with XL and I doing our radio show, which I had asked Inky to sit in on. That was my well thought out plan to win her over after a failed attempt the year before. First I would invite her to my radio show where she would hear my unfortunate taste in music and my retarded on air banter with my best friend. Then she would be so enthralled by what she heard that she would want to go to a terrible chain restaurant with me at damn near midnight, followed by 32 months of dating and eventual marriage.

Yeah, I'm just as surprised it worked as you are.

I may not have much in this world, and in the last 5 months I have had even less than usual while I keep getting turned down for jobs, but in the end none of that matters. As long as I have the girl of my dreams in the captain next to me I'll be happy. The rest of the problems in our lives can be poked, prodded, cajoled and broken down in the years to come, because we are an ever united team and we are un-fucking-stoppable. I love you baby, more now than on that day in '96. Thanks for saying yes.

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