Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Ghost of Christmases Past

For the last couple of years I've been saying that I'm not into the Christmas spirit anylonger. Neither is Inky for that matter, and I think some people mistake our current apathay for hatred of the Yule season. I have amazing memories of the first 30 or so Christmases that I was alive, but over the last three or four years, the season has failed to live up to those memories. So, rather than force new memories, I choose to look back fondly at the Christmases past.

1976) My First Christmas, here with My father, sister, and brother:

1977) A lot can change in a year.

1980) Getting ready for Mass at my Aunt's house in Taylor's Island MD.

1984) Here's me in the Metuchen Christmas parade.

1987) Very happy to have recieved the Mask toy "Valcano" but not so happy about the braces.

1990) Decorating the tree back in Metuchen during my first Christmas as a Seminarian.

1993) My last Christmas before turning 18 and as such, the last Christmas as a "kid".

1995) Dressed up in some gag gifts from my mother and aunt which doubled as our inheritance from our grandmother.

1998) My first post college Christmas in the apartment in York I shared with Inky.

1998) It was this Christmas that I proposed to Inky, and just look at her, how could I not?

2000) On our first Christmas in Baltimore, we got a hubcap from Inky's mom and dad, among other things. It was also the first Christmas day we spent at our own place.

2005) Here I am reenacting one of my traditions from my younger years as I "spoon my loot" at Inky's mom's house.

2006) Decorating the tree at our house in York. This was the last tree we put up.

2007) Sitting with Inky at her sister's house in Inky first Christmas as a godmother.

Greazy Claus) It was only a matter of time. As a fat guy, I knew I would end up pulling on the big man's duds like I did here to give out gifts to underprivileged kids in York.

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