Monday, November 09, 2009

The Left Hand Doesn't Know What the Right is Doing

Kids today are so spoiled, especially left handed kids. It was rough for us left-handers in the 80's and 90's. You couldn't find scissors or a pencil grip (remember those?) for a lefty, let alone a baseball mitt. And forget golf clubs, as I found out on my 18th birthday. We have always been the one minority that it's ok to discriminate against, and it cuts deep. So when the personal computing revolution hit, there was no question what side of the desk the mouse would be on: the right.

So we all learned to use a mouse with our right hand, even the lefties. Sure, Microsoft has a setting in the control panel where you can change the mouse to left handed use so the button on the right becomes the double click button and the one on the left becomes the "right click" button. Not that I've ever done that myself or even observed anyone else doing it. For 25 years the mouse has been a right handed instrument and I've never questioned it.

Then, a few weeks back, I hurt my right arm somehow. I cut back on anything that I thought would strain my injured appendage, including mouse use and solitaire play. Then I got the genius idea to just use my left hand. I moved the mouse pad over and at first I tried it with the buttons switched, but that didn't work. So I reset it to right handed and tried it out with my left. And it worked!

I was surprised too, but after just about a week using it left handed I am at about 95% capacity in everyday web surfing and at about 70% in solitaire. My right arm is feeling a whole lot better and I would guess I could switch back now, but I think I'm going to embrace my left handed heritage and rock the mouse lefty for a while. Even when the computer tried to tell me that my name is Righty, I'll raise my left hand to the mouse and defiantly tell it that I am Kunta Leftae!

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