Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hitler Has A Lot on His Mind

The video above is a scene from the 2004 movie Der Untergang (Downfall) which shows the last tumultuous week of WWII in Europe through the eyes of der fuhrer. In the scene Hitler finds out that his armies are losing to the Brits and Yanks to the West and the Russians to the East, and that all is pretty much lost. I'm not going out on a limb when I say that Adolf was a bit high strung, and the actor Bruno Ganz depicts him as such has he kirks out on his highest ranking generals in a delusional rant.

Within this four minutes is the filmmakers presentation of Hitler coming to the realization that the war is functionally over for him, and that the end for him will come at via a bullet, either from an allied gun, or his own. Even with such serious subject matter, the film maker does a good job showing what the last few thoughts of a delusional madman were like. Powerful stuff.

I am quite familiar with all the history surrounding the final capitulation of the Nazi regime. What I didn't know was how much anger Hitler was filled with there at the end. Not just at the Jews, Russians, Gypsies, Americans, Brunettes, Gays and the French. No, he was also quite mad at the Green Bay Packers, Sarah Palin, Campus Parking Authorities, XBox Live, Hannah Montana, eBay and that Gary Ablett Jr won the 2009 Brownlow Medal.

As it turns out there are scores, if not hundreds of these Hitler videos on the web. I tried to find out which one was the first, but couldn't narrow it down. The first one I saw was the Green Bay Packers one and I damn near laughed myself right out of my chair. Then they started popping up on the regular and the creativity began to wane. Now every time a kid feels wronged he takes to his computer and subtitles the worlds worst dictator saying bad shit about his teacher or what have you.

In a world where comparisons to Hitler are thrown around with surprising ease, it would be easy to say all these kids are wrong to do so about their small issues. I'm not totally on board with that, just so long as they really don't think that the UW parking authority is as bad as the Nazis. With some historical perspective and a healthy dose of context we can all enjoy a good parody every now and again. Sadly, originality is one of the traits that seems to be bread out of kids by the web, so this once funny device is becoming worn out.

I'd love to see the next angry kid fight back against the man with a whole new movie parody. Hell, maybe they can even shoot there own video rather than just putting subtitles on someone else's work. On second thought, that sounds like way too much work. After all, kids today are all lazy and worthless. I think Hitler would feel the same way. Maybe I should make a video about it...

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