Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Accidents on the Web

As a guy who as a deep and abiding love of Australia, there's really no better tool for me than the internet. Sure, I get a little Hamish and Andy on Leno from time to time and Rove is going to be on Chelsea Lately next week, but by and large most of my Aussie entertainment comes from my computer and not from my TV or radio. God knows this is true now that ESPN fucked me by buying the rights to Aussie Rules Football but only showing one game on TV; relegating the rest to it's 360 online imprint.

So it is that I find myself on multiple websites in order to keep up with my Aussie interests in sports, TV, movies, music and to follow current events. I was on the Triple J site to find out more info about their recent tribute concert for Paul Kelly, who is one of my favorite artists. I was happy to see that many of my favorite Aussie performers were on hand to celebrate the work of one of the nations elder statesmen. Some of the people on the list weren't familiar to me, so I figured I'd google them and find out about them, including the first act: Megan Washington. I'm glad I did.

Megan is a solo performer and also the lead singer of a group called Washington. She has a phenomenal voice and seems to be a rising star down under. The first track of her's that I found was a cover of the Kings of Leon song King of the Rodeo which she does with the Brisbane band The Bamboos as the backing band. I found this track first on emusic, where I was able to download it for 12 cents. While I'm not a big fan of the original, I can't stop listening to Megan and The Bamboos version, which has a nice little video too.

Sadly, that was the only track emusic had of Megan's, and iTunes had nothing at all available in their US store. So, I once again turned to the google to see what else I could find from this obviously talented artist. The first thing I turned up was the video for one of her singles called Clementine set to a really cool video that is miniature stop motion animation. It's worth a look and a listen:

Once I found that I did a little more looking around on the web and found a really cool video of Megan on the Australian music show Spicks & Specks playing in the game called Substitute. In the game the singer must sing the words from a book (in this case "You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay) in the style of a popular song, which the other contestants have to guess. Her singing voice is so amazing and pure all on it's own that's amazing. In a world of vapid artists auto tuning their voice and never singing live at shows because, well, they simply can't, I love hearing a god given talent. While at YouTube I found a few other videos featuring Megan including this one where she sits alone in Woolloomooloo Wharf singing and playing her guitar, once again showing off her stellar voice:

After watching that video I was bound and determined to find more of Megan's work, so I once again turned to google where I found her iLike page which has all the tracks from Washington's new EP "How to Tame Lions" streaming start to finish. Thanks to an external CD burner, I can now add those tracks to my new, but growing collection of Megan's work. Now all I have to do is wait till Triple J airs the Paul Kelly tribute concert and I'll have a few more tracks to add, not only to her playlist but others as well. Without the web the only way I could do all of this is to just live in Australia. Till that day (in 2011) I'll have to do it this way.

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