Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ain't Nobody Gonna Break'a My Stride

While I've completely cast my Play Station asunder in the wake of my week long battle with arm pain, I can't forsake the solitaire fight. So I sat down to play a few hands left handed today. That just didn't work at all. So I figured I could play 10 hands max right handed and see if I could get a result. It only took three. After two games that I abandoned when the clock hit 100 and I was still many clicks from winning I started a new game just as the new track from The Verses started playing. With Ella in my ears and another Aussie, Nicky Whelan, on the desktop I rocked a 9084 in 83 seconds.

That result is good for the second fastest time I have ever posted. Not just since I rejoined the solitaire fight during my funemployment, mind you, my second best time ever. My all time low is 82 seconds with a score of 9159 back in mid May. The previous #2 that today's game bumps back to #3 was in late April at 84 seconds and a score of 8999. Now all of my top three are in the 80's which leads me to believe that a game in the 70's is probable and one in the 60's is possible. If I can get healthy, that is.

I saw no reason to further aggravate my tendinitis/trapped nerve/carpal tunnel so I called it quits right after that game with nothing left to prove. I'd like to think it was a Kirk Gibson or Tom Harley like performance out of me in that I played on the biggest stage despite obvious pain to my person. I've got a trip to Jersey coming up to meet up with a few of the guys I went to the Seminary with, so I think I'll lay down the mouse for now and see how the arm is doing come Monday. There's no need to push it, after all.

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