Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment: Time To Kill

Now in my fifth month of funemployment, with no sign of relief on the horizon, I have found a certain level of stasis in my life. In the beginning I was subject to big swings in my mood based on the amount of free time I had on my hands. For days at a time it would just seem like a really long weekend or a nice vacation. Then, about a month and a half in, it started to feel like a bit of a drag. Inky and I hadn't yet developed a rhythm to our day, and, frankly, I think we got on each others nerves a bit.

That only lasted for about two weeks before we realized that we needed a few hours to ourselves each day. She would go off and write while I send out a few hundred resumes and then at around 5:00 we would rendezvous for dinner. As more and more of those resumes went unanswered, I started to waist way too much of my day playing games or screwing around on the computer. My arm injury took care of both of those as I have pretty much discontinued PlayStation use and only use the computer right moused anymore.

So it is that have all this free time; roughly 112 waking hours of it a week. With that time Inky and I have made a habit of going for a nice long walk at a local park everyday. We do a bit more than 2 miles in about 35 to 40 minutes everyday, and when the time is right we plan on kicking that up to 3 miles in an hour. But, that's just 7 out of my 112 hours, so there are 105 left. So I should be going crazy, right? The funny thing is, I'm really not.

Sure, the fact that I have sent out a tree's worth of resumes and cover letters is maddening. And, the impact of being on half pay can be a huge burden, but for the most part, I've found a happy medium. This time off has forced me to reconsider what is important in my life, and has helped to focus me on what my next steps need to be. Not to mention that it's been nice to just have all this time with Inky everyday.

In every way that matters in life, Inky is my best friend. Even though we can get on each other's nerves, as all friends can, we really do have a great time together. My time on funemployment has been like summer camp, with the two of us just hanging out and taking part in a few activities from time to time. Plus, like any good summer camp movie, there's been plenty of hanky panky. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

I know this little sabbatical won't last forever, so I'm really trying to look past the negative parts of it and focus on the positive. Plus, as and added bonus, I've spent endless hours scheming how we can live in Australia for all of 2011!

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