Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to Take This Game on the Road?

My renewed quest for solitaire dominance is going swimmingly. This week I rocked some Yeah Yeah Yeah's on the iPod and used Romanian model Alina Vacariu as my background inspiration to great effect. I posted multiple games in the double digits, including a run of 97, 94 and this 91, all in a row. I was so excited by my new run of dominance I forgot to screen-cap the game before the victory shuffle ended, and so I ended up with the "deal again" box on the blank background. Oh well. It's still a minute and 31 seconds which is damn fine.

If I keep this up I'll be back in the 80's before you know it and pushing yet again for that ever elusive 1 minute game. It could take years, but I can wait. I'm not normally a patient guy, but, for for certain things I'll make an exception. Like, for instance, a 9 month long trip around Australia to follow the Geelong Cats. Inky and I have been talking for a few years about how great it would be to chuck it all and do just that, a kind of Aussie Sabbatical. We would live as cheaply as possible for a year while seeing the whole country up close and personal. There would be blogs and plenty of notes taken for a possible book, but it would be at least 18 months in the making.

So, like my personal white whale of a 60 second solitaire game, I will bide my time waiting to make our Aussie Adventure a reality. Hell, I may have to play on a laptop in Oz in 2011 to make both of them happen at the same time. If that's what it takes, it will be done.

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