Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greazy Tony To The D.L.?

It always seems to go this way. You get into a good rhythm and then the next thing you know: roadblock. Last week I was putting up scores in the 90s like a great college basketball team or a mediorcer NBA squad. That spilled over into this week as I pumped my new "happy songs" playlist which was offset by the sad image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge enveloped in red dust. I was in the 90's a few more times, including this 94 second game, good for 8097 points.

Then it happened.

Yesterday I started to notice that I had a pins and needles feeling in my right forearm and hand. When I play solitaire on my home computer I rest my right elbow on the arm of my aforementioned judge's chair. After a long session of playing I would sometimes notice the pins and needles and call it quits. Now, it has been lingering for the last 36 hours. Since we live in a land where a guy who gets laid off doesn't deserve health care, I had to consult the internet. From what I could cull together, it looks like I probably have nerve entrapment in my median or ulnar nerve.

So my quest for a 60 minute game may have to take a bit of a back seat till I can: A) find some cheep medical attention, B) Find a new job with health care that will not adjudge this a "pre-existing condition, or C) Play with my right elbow on my right thigh which is much softer than the arm of the chair.

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