Sunday, October 25, 2009

Better Than A Booth At IHOP

I don't know where you are having your Sunday breakfast, but chances are that it's not on a world landmark. Neither am I. But today 6,000 lucky drawing winners in New South Wales got the chance to have brekkie on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The iconic bridge was closed to traffic Saturday night and sod was laid on the road surface. Later that morning the people showed up with their baskets, blankets and tickets. In a remarkable show of competence the sod was removed by 1 PM and will be reused for a park near the Olympic village. The whole thing cost about a million bucks, but is estimated to have generated ten times as much in revenue for the state.

The Harbour Bridge was the first in the world to open a "bridge climb" attraction, which Inky and I availed ourselves of back in '05. Plus, like many other famous bridges it has walkways on each side which allow the pedestrian the chance to stroll across the Harbour and get another fantastic, and free, view. That is where I took this picture from. You are free to stand there as long as you like and stare out at the mouth of the Harbour, but I would guess they wouldn't be too crazy about someone just whipping out a picnic.

That's why this option was such a big deal for all those who got to sit lazily on the grass covered roadway and munch on their Vegemite covered toast. I'm all for brekkie on the bridge but, hold the Vegemite for mine.


Josh said...

Many folks these days are finding that IHOP's booths aren't too appealing. Before going to IHOP, we may want to keep in mind that the company has been exposed for animal cruelty and food safety issues within its supply chain. For more details, check out

XL said...

Wow, I'm glad Josh felt the need to for the vegemite toast...I'll pass as well. I think my brekkie would consist of a meat pie and a couple tim tams slammed in my hot tea!

Greazy Tony said...

Yeah, that's what Inky and I did for brekkie most days in Oz.