Monday, September 14, 2009

Back on Track

I ment what I said when I talked about redoubling my solitaire efforts. Last week I logged some good time with my mouse, and I was able to re-reach a previous goal of mine. I posted a score of 8427 in 90 seconds thanks in no small part to a great iTunes playlist and the Seat Girls.

So now that I've reached the 90 second plateu again, I can set my sights firmly on eclipsing my all time personal best of 82 seconds. At the time when I set that P.B. a few months ago, I could finish a game in double digits with regularity, so it was only a matter of getting a perfect set up and pushing myself to a minute and a half of less. Now, the sub 100 games are more of the exception rather than the rule, so it may take me some time till I get there. I have to continue to sharpen my reaction time and push toward an 81 or better.

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