Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment: Time to Move On?

I'm a 33 year old guy who has no kids, lives in an adopted home town with a reasonable mortgage that would actually allow for a reasonably quick sale. Inky can work just about anywhere she can plug her laptop in and pirate a WiFi signal. What I'm saying is this: we're portable. Some people are tethered to their current situation by jobs, financial considerations or sentimentality. We have none of these.

Firstly, York Pennsylvania will always be a special place for us. Inky is from Eastern PA and I sprung forth from the D.C. suburbs via the Garden State. But, we've now lived nearly half our lives away from our "homes" so we are not bound by any sentimental bond to our home town. Neither are we overly bound to our actual home. We've knocked 7 years off our 30 year mortgage and established this residence as the one we will probably always think of as our "first house together" even if we go on to own another place for more years. The problem for me is that I hate being a homeowner. I am downright awful at taking care of chores around the house, and on more occasions than I'd care to admit to I've wished there was a landlord I could call to take care of a problem.

I could leave this house with very little sorrow. Add that fact to the realization that the people around these parts aren't like minded in almost every way that counts and it's damn near certain that Inky and I will make for the boarder sooner or later. The fact that I don't have a job right now only serves to further my desire to cut and run, but that leads to one important question: where would we go?

I've looked at jobs in Boston, New York and Washington but their pay isn't incrementally more enough to account for the increase in cost of living. Since we don't want to go to a place smaller than were we live now we are kind of hemmed in. We need a progressive place that is affordable and would offer job opportunities. It's a big country, but not big enough to be overflowing with such Meccas. At least not on the East Coast. I really liked Seattle when I was there, and I have to think that I'd enjoy life in NoCal, but I've never spent enough time there to know.

There is one place I'd really like to go, but like the prettiest girl in school, you don't just get to walk up and tell her you're going to take her to the prom. She has to want you, and as it stands, that pretty girl (Australia) isn't interested in going to the prom with me. They are looking for people who can bring something specific to the table when they allow you to move there for work, and as it stands, I have none of what they want. Just like was the case in 11th grade.

So what's next? Maybe a sabbatical would be in order. Inky and I have a grand dream to one day take 7 months to follow the Geelong Cats for a full season. With the preseason factored in the journey would cover all the big cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin. The Cat's overwhelming dominance of the league is on the downswing, but having diminished expectations would help take the focus of the endeavor off the footy and place it on living the experience.

I know it's a huge flight of fancy, but I've often been accused of being both flighty and fancy. The plan would require the sale of our home, with a large portion of the proceeds to be used to finance it. The rest would be our nest egg for when we returned; either to put down on the purchase of a new place or as a deposit on a really nice apartment where the housework is done by someone else. As for which city that home/apartment would be in, I haven't quite figured that out yet.

I know this is a plan that sounds ridiculous and wantonly irresponsible, but in a way, that's what makes it enticing to me. I have always been motivated to "take the (road) less traveled" because I've been assured that doing so can, in fact, "make all the difference." We'll see.

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Heidi Champa said...

Maybe if we get Australia drunk enough . . .