Friday, August 22, 2008

XL and Greazy at Wrigley: Take Two

If the game XL and I saw yesterday was the quintessential National League game, then today was the exception to the rule. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. We started our day off by walking along the lake (I don't want to sound like a queer or nothing, but I find large bodies of water to be very romantic.) down to Soldier Field. There was a preseason game there last night, but we weren't willing to drop the extra cash to see J.T. O'Sullivan take on Kyle Orton, so we saw the famous gridiron by the light of day.

Once our walking tour was done, we headed back to the North Side and remarked how nice the weather was. Not for long. While walking around Wrigleyville it began to pour, and we were afraid we may miss our game one, or have it pushed into our game two, and you know how painful that can be. After about an hour of a rain delay the game got under way and we enjoyed Chris Chelious showing off the Stanley Cup and throwing out the first pitch to Eddie Vedder, which is like a non sequitur rapped up in another non sequiture. Once the game was on, we were treated to an 18 run affair in which former Oriole (and Delmarva Shorebird) Willie Harris cracked 2 dingers including a grand slam in route to a surprising Washington win.

XL and I really loved our time on the North Side, and now we are on our way to the South side to see if we can get some tickets to see a battle of first place teams, as the Sox take on the Rays. I don't know if the White Sox experience can live up, but I can't wait to complete the Chitown double header!

***Note: This post originally appeared on the now defunct blog "Inky and the Sports Guys" and has been imported to TGWOOfY for continuity purposes.***

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