Monday, August 31, 2009

I Really Don't Want to Get Burned Out

I'm trying really hard to not get burned out by all the promotional material I've been seeing for NBC's new show Community. I really love Joel McHale, and I've seen the pilot, so I think I can say that this show is a sure thing, but I have been fooled before. I am also very wary of over promotion of a show/movie/record.

I think back to all the cross promotion that went on for "The Land of the Lost" and I realized that they were doing so because it was a flaming pile of T-Rex dung and they needed to try and drive more business to try and avoid a loss. Of course, a last of backing from a network or studio can leave a show out to die, so that's not good either. I'm happy that NBC is flogging Community, but worried that they are doing so because the rest of the episodes haven't tested well and they are trying to create artificial buzz.

The worst outcome is somewhere in between all those scenarios and it goes like this: Community is going to be an awesome show, that I adore, but that is too subtle/smart and therefor gets no ratings. After a few weeks on Thursday, the will stick it on Monday vs MNF or on Saturday and it will twist in the wind before being replaced with some kind of game show/reality show.

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