Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment: Vacation

Inky and I are back home after a week visiting with my family in Maine. It's hard for one to take a vacation when they are funemployed, but it helps a great deal when your mother owns a cabin in the woods and a restaurant. No hotel bills and very few paid meals make for a considerably cheaper trip, believe you me. Inky's mom came along, so it was a family affair on both sides.

Maine is a really beautiful place in the summer, and we made our way around to all of the big spots. We went to Bar Harbor, Camden, Belfast, Kennebunkport, Ralph's Cafe, Sebasticook Lake and Lobster Fest '09. My family loves being there all the year round, but I can't deal with the cold and snow, so when we go, we go in the summer. Normally, the summer in Maine is vastly different from the sweltering, humid Mid-Atlantic states, but on our first day it was actually quite humid. It relented and we had a few perfect days to enjoy ourselves and recharge. Here is the trip in picture/caption format:
Inky in the "lobster-stocks" at Rockport's LobsterfestThe schooner Margaret Todd sets her red sails in Bar Harbor. I missed the boat this time, but the next time I'm there, I will hop on board for a ride.The weather couldn't have been better on the day we visited my Aunt and Uncle's house on Sebasticook Lake.The sun setting over Belfast HarborA shot from Camden Maine, where, a river really does run through it.Here, tempestuous weather blows into Belfast.Just a regular Sunday dinner at my mom's house. You know, ribs and lobster to eat, jovial conversation and... my 13 year old niece walking a lamb through the house. You know, normal.On the long drive home we stopped off in Kennebunkport. Many go for this view of the Bush Compound...But I was more interested in the amazing clam strips I got at the Clam Shack which sits right next to the Kennebunk river.Inky refused to offer to "do moose stuff" while posing for this picture.

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