Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment: The Rise and Fall of the Fluffernutter

When I was in the world of the employed I had a tendency to go out for lunch most days. Ok... every day. It was never anything big, generally places like Quiznos, Chilis or the local deli or pizza joint. We had a nice little rotation going, and it kept some variety in my diet. Now that I'm on the dole, the eating out has to stop, and the variety has suffered as well.

It's not plausible to shop for 7 different lunches each week, so I end up eating a lot of the same things during a week. One week it might be turkey and Swiss on toast, as it has been this week, and others it could be my dad's famous sub. One other staple of my funemployed diet was the fluffernutter, but I fear that ship may have sailed.

It all started in the first few days of my out-of-workatude when Inky and I traveled to NYC and ate at a place called Peanut Butter & Co. We each had "the Elvis" that day, but the presence of a fluffernutter on the menu made me think twice before I ordered the peanut butter and bacon masterpiece. I hadn't had a fluffernutter in years prior to that trip, so when we got back home I made sure to add marshmallow fluff to the shopping list.

For weeks after that I had one of the childhood memory inducing sandwiches every day with some chips and a glass of milk. I messed around with variations on the theme, by including banana, putting peanut butter on both sides of the bread and even putting celery spears in the middle. There were even times I had a date with pb&f when I was up late. My hunger for a daily fluffernutter continued unabated for weeks on end and then, a funny thing happened.

A few days ago, I opened the cupboard and pulled out the bread, the peanut butter and the fluff and set them on the counter. Then it hit me: I couldn't stand the thought of eating another fluffernutter. In fact, I realized that I was sneering at the ingredients on the counter beneath me which, unless you are a perpetually pissed off person, or Billy Idol, is never a good thing. The era of the fluffernutter had come and gone in my life.

Oh yeah, I'm sure it'll come back around again some day, but for now I have tired of it.


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Funny you should mention Billy Idol; I suspect he used fluff as a hair product.