Sunday, July 05, 2009

Here it is, a Groove Slightly Transformed, Just a Little Break From The Norm

Seat Girls HD from Sn Films on Vimeo.

It was almost six months ago that I first blogged about the Seat Girls, and their ability to warm up my cold, cold winter with nothing more than a few shakes of their rumps. But now it is summer, the natural habitat of beach volleyball and this weekend the action was on the sands of Coney Island. The AVP tour hit Brooklyn and there were many a hard body to be seen, just blocks away from the place where a guy ate 68 hot dogs this weekend. While Misty May and Kerri Walsh were not on hand, Dianne DeNochea and Carrie Dodd were and they won the woman's final.

As I was watching it, I began to think about the Seat Girls, so I took to the net. And what did I find? A new updated version of the girls... in HD. Yeah, that'll do.

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