Friday, July 17, 2009

Adventures in Unemployment: Getting on Each Other's Nerves

I'm a few weeks into my employment interregnum and it's going about as I would have expected. For every thing that is great about not being at work, there is something that is awesome about it. For instance, I don't have to put on the suit and tie every day and go push paper, but, I am also not getting paid. While I have all sorts of free time to pursue things that actually interest me, I don't have any health insurance to cover me if I fall while hiking. Also, the time away means I get to spend more time than ever with Inky, but on the downside, I am also spending more time than ever with Inky.

It's not that I don't love my bride of these past 10 years, because I do, more than anything. And she's pretty fond of me too, but we are spending A LOT of time together. I'm not what you would call a grown man. I make a lot of stupid jokes, I talk incessantly and I randomly start singing a song with new, made up lyrics. In short: I'm a ton of fun to be around for a few hours a night or for a weekend. Let's just say that Inky has been a saint over these last few weeks.

I mean it when I say we would be having a great time with one another all day, every day if we didn't have to deal with some of the stresses I listed above. We spent every waking second together in Oz last year and it all went as smooth as Bruno's chest. But, when you start thinking about how much you are spending for food, let alone car repairs things can get a little hairy... like Borat's chest.

Luckily for me, Inky can find the humor in just about anything, and that's what keeps us going strong. Take for instance what happened late last night. I went to bed before her, as she had some work to take care of. While laying in bed I felt the unmistakable rumble that meant I also had something to take care of. So I went to the bathroom to do my business, but in the spirit of being a good husband, I thought I should neutralize the evidence. So, I lit a match (Gary and Wyatt would have been so proud of me) to take care of the offending odor.

I found out this morning that Inky did pick up an odor, just not the one I was worried about. Late in the night she smelled smoke and sulfur and was worried that there was a fire up stairs. She climbed the steps and searched out the source of the smell, only to find a burnt match floating in the toilet. I wasn't there, but I'm sure she rolled her eyes, a gesture that I'm sure she'll be repeating many more times in the weeks/months that I am looking for my next gig.

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