Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missed It By That Much

Inky and I really need to work on our timing, at least when it comes to the quickly disappearing sights of Australia's southern coast. Back in '05 we set out on a drive along the Great Ocean Road with a goal of seeing the 12 Apostles, which are rock formations that rise out of the water like little islands. Unfortunately we were beset with rain, and it was slow going for us on the twists and turns of the Ocean Road. So, we turned back for Melbourne, promising that we'd see the Apostles on our next trip. All of them.

Well, we missed out. A few weeks later one of the rock formations just crumbled into the sea leaving a pile of rubble that was visible when we did return 3 years later. So on our 2008 trip we made sure that we got to see the Apostles in all their splendor. We arrived at the park just before the sun went down and were amazed by the beauty of these rock stacks jumping up out of the Southern Ocean.

By the time we got back in our car and started to head west, the sun was just about down. So when we passed the turn off for Loch Ard Gorge we decided that the Island Archway (pictured above) would have to be one of the things we see on the next trip. "It's not like it's going anywhere" I said, "We'll see it in 2011." But, once again, it is not to be. Last night the span of the arch gave way and fell into the foamy see beneath it, leaving two apostle-like towers behind. Sigh.

Oh well, I guess we really have to start seeing these things when we are there huh? If only Oz wasn't so damn far away!

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