Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's Like Armageddon vs Deep Impact or Volcano vs Dante's Peak

This week two new shows premiered that are very similar to one another. They are also a ripoff and a spin off of the popular E! show The Soup, respectively. Tosh.0 and Web Soup follow in the long tradition of ripping on what someone else does rather than doing for yourself. I'm not being critical, mind you, because that's all I do with TGWOOfY. Rather than focusing their attention on televised shenanigans, these two shows bring us the best and worst of the interwebs.

In the end Tosh.0 emerges at the far superior product after the first week. With both of these shows having common sources material the only thing that was going to separate them was the talent, and production. They are both done in front of a green screen, like the Soup, so in the end it was all about the stars. Daniel Tosh didn't seem 100% comfortable at times, but he was very funny and seemed to be doing his own thing. Whereas Web Soup star Chris Hardwick seemed to be doing his best to be a mix of Joel McHale and John Henson.

The real coup de grace for Tosh.0 is their original programing. In the first episode they featured porn Star Bree Olson playing extreme beer pong with Dave Attell, which was pretty funny. The real star was the recurring segment: redemption where Tosh gives a viral victim the chance to make good on the mistake that made them infamous. In the first episode he offers Afro Ninja the chance to stick his back flip for the cameras, and, he does. Next week's installment promises to be even better as Tosh offers Miss Teen South Carolina a chance to answer her pageant question again.

I can fully recommend that you watch Tosh.0, but I still wish the best show focused on the web was still around. Web Junk 20 aired on VH1 in '06, and it was hilarious. Once again, as is the case with Tosh.0, the host really made the show. When it began Web Junk 20 was hosted by Patrice Oneal, and he was downright hilarious. Then came Jim Breuer and it wasn't as good.


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