Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm in a Funk

After months of bringing you weekly news of my most recent solitaire triumphs, I'm sad to say I have fallen into a bit of a slump. I haven't posted a score, high or not, since I racked up my 82 second game a month ago. It's not that I haven't been playing since then, because I've had plenty of free time on my hands, believe me. It's just that I haven't been able to reach the rarefied air of my past clicking conquests.

I've played tons of sub two minute games, but they aren't really worthy of blog based self praise once I reached sub-90-second territory. Sadly, and quite unexpectedly, I haven't played any double digit games since that 82 second effort in May. The best I could muster is the 100 second game you see above, which I played on June 5th. All of this failure is almost enough to make me hang up my mouse and retire from the world of speed solitaire all together. Almost.

I'm going to keep at it, because perseverance is all I have right now. I'm just a few weeks away from being sans paycheck and I've been getting about the same response from my resume sending efforts as I have from my solitaire playing. But I can't quit and I won't quit, on either front.

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