Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Hey everyone, come and see how good I look"

I went to a baseball with a friend of mine today. When we got to the game it was a bit overcast, but by the middle innings it was a bright sunny day. While I love nothing more than seeing a ballgame on beautiful summer day I wasn't fully prepared. See, I forgot to take a hat of some kind, which is bad because I am... follicly challenged.

No one likes a sunburned head, which I learned first hand when I shaved my head after the senior prom. I did it on a whim and, being 17 and stupid, I didn't think about it when we went to Six Flags the next day. Needless to say, my virgin scalp burned up really good after a full day in the sun with no protection. Later, when my black stubble started to grow in amid my red skin my head looked purple. Sufficed to say, my mom and my girlfriend gave me a lot of crap about it and I had a few awkward weeks of pealing scalp to deal with. So I never wanted to sunburn my head again.

What was ironic about me not wearing a hat the day after the prom, was that I wore one just about every other day of my life back then. I couldn't be troubled to do anything with my hair, so I either covered it up with a hat or cut it all off which I did once more a few years later. It's like Joni Mitchell said 'you don't know what you got till it's gone" and I sure didn't.

I had a beautiful head of thick black hair, as you see in the above shot of me reporting for WABU TV in Boston during the summer of 97. In other words, Greazy Tony was the balls. Inky used to love to run her fingers through my raven locks, which I didn't really get. Of course now, I'd love the chance to run my fingers through my own hair, but, it's gone forever.

That summer in Boston was probably some of the best hair I've ever had. It's no joke to say that on-air TV personalities take their hair just about as seriously as anyone on the planet. While I was there some of the talent helped me out with my mane before I did some field reporting and got the chance to anchor a few late night news updates. If only they could have helped me out with some make up, oh yeah, and a tee shirt and a jacket too:

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