Thursday, June 18, 2009

Excuse Me, You Got Your Bacon in My Peanut Butter!

Inky and I took a little jaunt into the Big Apple yesterday as a kind of a day of fun before my paychecks stop. It was a full day of experiences including seeing a movie that mentioned the theater we were watching it in, a guy walking up to me and getting in my face on the corner of Bowery and 2nd and a pb&b...&b. That's a peanut butter, banana and bacon. There are so many wonderfully complex things to try in New York, it's refreshing to see someone take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

So we made our way to the West Village and had a late lunch at Peanut Butter & Co. on Sullivan, just south of Washington Square Park. PB&Co is just what it says: a place devoted entirely to peanut butter concoctions. Their menu ranges from the tried and true BP&J, or "Lunch Box Special" to the wild, such as the "White Chocolate Wonderful" which is white chocolate peanut butter and orange marmalade. Inky and I both opted for the "Elvis" and a glass of cold milk. The king of all sandwiches, the Elvis comes with classic peanut butter (we both picked chunky) and is stuffed with banana, honey and bacon. The sandwich gets griddle treatment, just like a grilled cheese, so the peanut butter gets warm and melty and the banana softens.

The result is a combination of sweet and savory fit for a king, or, the king. I would have never thought of putting bacon on a peanut butter and nana, but it really works. It's also very easy to enjoy in this quaint little shop, replete with all the classic peanut butter ads from the days of yore. Since it's in the midst of the sprawling NYU campus, I can only imagine that it is filled with college students most of the time, but when Inky and I visited at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, we had no problem getting one of the 7 tables in the joint. Plus, it's just a short walk from the subway or the Path, so it's easily access able for all of us non-New Yorkers. In fact, it's just a short walk from the West Village location of Grey's Papaya where XL and I dined on my birthday.

Now, for your enjoyment, here is what my Elvis looked like just before I demolished it:

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